How to take care of your skin in autumn/winter season

Autumn is just around the corner. It’s a good time to prepare your skin with the right products for the cold dry weather, especially in New England area.  As the days become shorter, the temperature drops and the air is getting drier, skin may loose its precious moist.

Autumn is a transition time to reverse damage from fun in the summer sun.  According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, there are a few tips to take good care of your skin.

Do exfoliate the face and body 1-2 times per week at home.  Schedule for a chemical peel with a professional.

Throughout the summer, the skin builds up a layer of dead skin. And residue from all that sunscreen acts as a barrier, preventing skincare products from penetrating the skin. So, an important first step in the process of repairing summer sun damage is to exfoliate.

On the body, you can choose from an intense everyday scrub with a dry brush, whereas delicate facial skin calls for an enzyme or a fruit-acidic based product.  


Jan Marini Clean Zyme Cleanser/Skin Zyme Mask with enzyme from green papain. $90

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant with Enzyme from rice $55

Upgrade your moisturizer

The cool dry air of autumn season can deplete the skin's protective lipids over time, leaving skin vulnerable to dryness, dehydration and damage.  Look for a moistuturizer with hyaluronic acid to attract water and plant oil to susbstitute for skin lipids without leaving a greasy shine on your skin.

Other products you can add prior to the moisturizer are Topical Vitamin C to fight against free radical and give a glow for your skin. Also, please do not forget Retinol to speed up skin cell renewal and to increase the collagen production for a firming skin.


Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream or Anti-aging Face Cream $99

Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil $75

Do protect your lips

Continue to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and ut also start moisturizing now to prevent dry, cracked lips this winter.


PCA Peptide Lip Therapy $20

Dermalogica Renewal Lip $20

Invest in a hand cream

Hands often become dry and cracked during the winter. Start moisturizing hands now to ensure soft and healthy hands all winter long.


Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment, $26

Do not forget the SPF

Even though the temperatures seem cooler and the days shorter, you should continue to apply sunscreen before heading to outdoor activities. UV rays in the sun account for 80% of skin aging, which further leads to fine lines and wrinkles.


PCA Perfecting Protection SPF 30, $34

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